Frequently Asked Questions

Clients’ frequently asked questions about injury cases.

I am a no pressure attorney – I’m here for you when you are ready


Questions potential and current clients may have:

  1. Why should I choose you as my lawyer?

You have a powerful advocate in me. I have two decades of litigation and trial experience. Since 2010, I’ve aggressively advocated for injured plaintiffs with millions of dollars in settlements as results. I may have a small firm, but it is formidable.

any of my clients and I form a personal relationship which lasts far beyond the conclusion of a case. Because I can work wherever I go (I am not tied to my office), I am accessible to you when other lawyers may not be—these accessibility creates great relationships. I am proud to call many of my former clients friends.

Current and past clients and attorney colleagues on both sides of the aisle routinely refer their friends and family to me for injury and wrongful death matters. Their referrals are the highest form of complement to my work.

You and I become a team working together towards a common goal.I am committed to obtaining the very best outcome for you; my work ethic is relentless. My practice is committed to the highest ethical standards. I will always be honest with you in my evaluation of your case, at every step in the process.


  1. What about lawyers who practice many different areas of law? Could they handle my case?

 Possibly, yes. But most personal injury and wrongful death cases deserve attorneys who are experts. I practice personal injury exclusively; I am an expert in every nuance of this area of law. I know where and how to find multiple sources of insurance for clients. I know many of the insurance adjusters and have cultivated relationships with them. I have respectful relationships with opposing counsel. These relationships benefit the client and help get results more quickly and smoothly.

Depending on the kind of case (premises liability, truck wreck, defective product, etc.), you may need access to accident reconstruction experts, building and structural experts, and so on. You will need an attorney like me who knows how to expertly depose a surgeon, an adverse party, law enforcement, an expert hired by the other side.


  1. What if the insurance company contacts me directly, before I’ve decided upon a lawyer to represent me?

I advise you to contact me or another personal injury lawyer  before you answer questions, give a statement or provide any documentation to an insurance company!

 Insurance companies love to deal with laypeople; the insurance company can convince the non-lawyer to settle for much less than the injured person deserves. Not every injury cases needs a lawyer, and I’ll let you know if I think you can handle your own case and not have to pay an attorney! More serious injury and wrongful death cases can be extremely complex and confusing, and require an expert personal injury attorney for the best outcome.


  1. I’m hurt and in the hospital, or I’ve just lost a family member in an accident. Should I hire a lawyer right away?

Sometimes, but not always. What I tell clients is that the primary focus is healing, recovering from the trauma and injuries of the accident or grieving the loss of a family member. There is a two year statute of limitations (or longer if the injured is a minor) to file a lawsuit.

Occasionally there is evidence to be quickly preserved or legal forms to file which help protect your case down the road. IF you have questions during this confusing and time of grief, reach out to me and I will tell you if there’s anything that needs immediate attention. If not, call back when YOU are readyBeware of lawyers who chase you or pressure you to sign a contract immediately before you’ve been able to make sense of what’s happened.


  1. Do you take all injury cases?

No, I do not (and cannot) take every case. The potential client and I will have a conversation about the facts of the case, and decide what the best course of action is. Sometimes potential clients with less severe injuries are better served financially by attempting themselves to handle cases with lower medical bills. That way, the potential client has more money in their pocket from a settlement. If the case becomes difficult or complex, or surgery ends up being required, I am here to advise and help.