These are only a few of our results for clients

Over the years, I’ve been highly successful in obtaining the maximum for my clients.

Here are a few of our case results:

Auto wreck with neck surgery: $280,000

Cyclist hit by truck: $170,000

Cyclist hit by car: Six-figure policy limit settlement.

Trip/fall on retail premises: Six-figure settlement

Marine/boat accident: $4 million

Defective product: Confidential settlement, high six-figures

Trip/fall premises liability: Six-figure confidential settlement

Dog attack of child: $35,000.

Negligent supervision of child: $195,000

Commercial truck-auto wreck: $230,000

Soft tissue/low back injury: $157,000

Hit and run car wreck: Confidential six figure settlement

Dog attack with permanent injury: $150,000

Auto wreck due to DUI: Confidential settlement

Auto wreck with aggravating circumstances: $50,000

Auto wreck due to DUI: $82,500

DeKalb County bus driver hit by commercial vehicle: $80,000

Tenant injured in apartment: $85,000

Golf cart wreck with resulting knee surgery: Six figure settlement

Car wreck from DUI: $30,000

Car wreck: $65,000



I was extremely pleased with the way Scott handled my case. It was a very hard case being there were no witnesses except for me and the other person involved, and the other driver ended up passing away shortly after the wreck due to a preexisting condition. Even though we were faced with many unique obstacles, we were able to conquer them and come to a very agreeable settlement outside of court. I was very pleased with my results and recommend Scott to anyone who I think can utilize his expertise. I feel assured knowing I have a great lawyer who understands me and will work hard for my rights.


I've hired Scott more than once. Very personal and has my utmost trust in legal matters.


Having known Scott for many years before he became an attorney, I knew that I could trust him when I needed an attorney to represent me. I was impressed with his understanding of the legal issues as well as his ability to bring the appropriate pressure to cut through the bureaucracy and get results. Having never been involved in such a legal situation, Scott was very helpful explaining my options and was always there to answer my many questions about my case.